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Big Data is seen as the most strategic resource of the 21 century, comparable to that of gold and oil. Sitting on these huge amounts of data, many organizations are simply not ready to take advantage of Big Data & AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. Embracing AI requires tackling various bottlenecks in the area of technology, data and organization. A holistic, socio-technical approach is required to overcome these obstacles.

The AI Readiness program introduces an effective way to gain insight into possible bottlenecks that will delay AI success. The results provide tactics for tackling big data bottlenecks, involving changes in the technology infrastructure, a focus on privacy, internal promotion of AI, development of analytical skills and creating a clear vision of the organization related to Big Data & AI.

AI Readiness Contact Form
  1. Assessment 

The assessment is sent to various stakeholders in the organization to collect individual opinions independently of each other. The Heatmap will explain the components on which the stakeholders deviate from each other and where the discussion can start. 
The Radar diagram shows how your organization differs from other organizations in your industry and how you perform compared to the front-runners of the industry. 

AI Readiness Contact Form

2. Workshop 

In this session, the stakeholders will examine why people differed in certain areas and how consensus can be reached. Together with an experienced AI-specialist, a dot is placed on the horizon (a wished situation) and we map out where we are now (as is). Together we will make a step-by-step plan to prepare the company to integrate AI technology into its processes.

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The AI Readiness Assessment; get insights what bottlenecks you need to survive to run AI Technology in your business processes.